Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Baby Chicks !

It has been two months since I lost most of my chickens and my duck Puddles to the fox attack. I still miss them every day. I can't believe how much I looked forward every morning to letting them out of the coop and saying good morning. 

Happily tho, I received my batch of  a dozen chicks this past Wednesday.  So now besides a nine-week old puppy, we have 12 chicks living in our laundry room in a plastic storage bin !

This is Samantha.  She is an Australorp and will be glossy black, like my hen Charlotte, and lay pinkish eggs.

Here they are right after I got them.  There are some Americaunas that lay blue/green eggs, Australorps that lay pink, Buffs that lay brown and Cuckoo Marans that lay chocolate brown.

This is Grace, the yellow Buff, Samantha and an as-of-yet unnamed Cuckoo Marans in the foreground.

Grace, named in honor of my favorite Buff hen Gracie who we lost in December.

I will keep posting photos as the chicks get bigger.  They will be inside for about 5 weeks and then it should be warm enough for them to spend days outside.

In April I will be getting some Rouen ducks and some Salmon Faverolles and Blue Cochin chicks.

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