Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chicken Village Updates

Beautiful warm weather this week allowed me to finish some outdoor projects down in Chicken Village.
I finally got the cedar shingles on the roof of the lean-to.  I love the metal Farm Fresh Egg sign and the white ladder up to the loft.

I also swapped out the regular silver hinges on the coop for black barn-style hinges and painted the knobs black. A few dollars more but so worth it.  I love the rustic look !

 I also painted my portable nesting box red and moved it into the bunker - ready for the little peeps once they are big enough to spend warm sunny days outside.  The hens weren't using it anyway and it will be perfect  for providing some shelter for the little ones.  This way in their 'cage within the yard', the older hens can see the peeps but not get at them for a few weeks until the are big enough to let out into the yard.

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