About Me

From New York FASHIONista to Virginia FARMinista...

I used to work on Wall Street and shop on Madison Avenue at lunchtime. I wore Ann Taylor suits and went to designer sample sales. I got manicures every Friday and had a discount card for the Clinique company store.  I ate at 5-star restaurants and attended benefits and movie premieres in my LBD (little black dress for you non-New Yorkers !)    I had box seats to Carnegie Hall and stood in line at TKTS for shows on Broadway.
I watched Sex & the City and drank Cosmopolitans at happy hour.

Was it fun ? Sure. Was it exciting ? Most definitely. Was it fulfilling or satisfying ? Not particularly.

Now I live on a beautiful 6-acre farm in southeastern Virginia with my husband. We have a horse and a cat and I raise chickens.  We have apple, plum and pear trees and I have a flower garden and grow my own vegetables and herbs.  We have several bird feeders and I built some bluebird houses last spring.

Okay, I'm sure the Green Acres theme song is running through your head right about now, but hang on a second...my grandparents had a farm and raised chickens. We also had chickens for awhile when I was growing up, as well as the occasional rabbit or goat, and we had a vegetable garden and raspberry bushes.

So all I've really done is go back to my roots. Hobby farming is in my blood.  I enjoy the satisfaction of growing and raising things and the feeling of being more self-sufficient.

But...my LBD is still hanging in the back of my closet - and I've still been known to drink a Cosmopolitan every now and then !

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it and I hope in some way, big or small, it inspires you to live the rural life as well.

Raise chickens, grow vegetables, knit a sweater, ride a horse, make jam, dry herbs, milk a cow, hang laundry outside, sew an apron, catch tadpoles...dedicated to inspiring others to live the simple, wonderful, natural hobby farm life everyday.