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I currently have three 8-month old hens.  An Australorp named Charlotte, a Cuckoo Marans named Lucy and a Rhode Island Red (pictured above) named Orange Chicken.

A pair of foxes wiped out the rest of my flock this past December. I have spent the last month nursing the three survivors back to health and reinforcing their yard to prevent any further access by predators.

The end of January I got my first egg since the attack.  Yeah, Orange Chicken !  I am a happy girl !  Now all 3 are laying almost daily again.

I will be getting a dozen day-old baby chicks the week of February 21st and will start posting photos and progress reports once they arrive.

The new chicks arrived. One didn't make it sadly, but the others did great traveling all the way from Meyer Hatchery in the Midwest. I now have 11 happy and healthy 5-week old chicks living in the back of our horse trailer until they are old enough to join Charlotte, Lucy and Orange Chicken in the coop.