Friday, February 4, 2011

Building Projects

Despite cold temps, I managed to get a good start on converting our old dog house into a duck house.

I painted it barn red to match my newly repainted chicken coop.

And I now have confirmation that my order of 12 baby chicks will arrive the week of February 21st ! I'm very excited about that.

Now I need to work on my duck order. I think I will get three ducklings in April once the chicks are grown and in the coop with the others.


  1. The baby ducklings are so cute and I was tempted to get some, but didn't. What are you going to do with them Lisa? Eggs, meat or just pets? I think turkeys are great too, but I couldn't eat one after I raise it. The barn looks wonderful - love the color and the sign.

  2. Ducks are great. We never eat any of our pets. I could never eat an animals I raised (and named !). We raise them for the eggs and as pets. Rouen ducks - they look like mallards - lay nice large white eggs, about 200/year or so and don't fly. Just provide the ducks with a place to swim, a large plastic kiddie pool is fine, and some food and occasional treats and that's it. They are more cold hardy than chickens and healthier in general. They are very personable and so much fun to watch, either splashing in their pool or reprimanding the hens for doing something they don't like.