Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Update

Sorry for the lack of new posts.  Life has been busy with 7 chicks, 11 pullets, 3 hens, our horse, cat and a new puppy.  The days just fly by.  Now that the heat of the summer is upon us tho, it means alot more time in the house, so I'll try to update the blog more often.

A new wreath for the front door of the house...

means the old wreath gets relegated to the tack room door. I think its a nice addition.

We've got tomatoes ripening like crazy. In fact, today I'm baking a tomato pie - the recipe is posted under the Recipes tab.

And of course, we have EGGS !  Lately I've been on a kick photographing them.. I'll post a bunch of the photos in another post later today.

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