Friday, March 11, 2011

Signs of Spring !

Spring is my favorite season here in Virginia.  I love when the grass starts to turn green - it always seems like it turns from tan to green overnight !

Our plum tree is in  full bloom.  We have never sprayed it so the bugs and birds eat all the plums...maybe this year we'll try spraying and see if we can keep some for ourselves.

This vinca all came from a tiny sprig that I brought back from my Mom's about 2 years ago.   It's finally taking under the tree and starting to spread.

I have lots of different variets of yellow daffodils and also some pink. The pink don't come up every year tho, I'm not sure if the bulbs are rotting or maybe the squirrels are stealing them.

I love perennials ! No work after the first planting other than trimming back the foliage in the fall.  And its so exciting to see them start popping up everywhere.

Pretty pink hyacinths.
And some purple hyacinths.
I love spring !

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