Chicken Coop Plans

-large enough to house up to 12 chickens-


Are you tired of paying high prices for fresh organic eggs ?
Have you always wanted a few chickens of your own ?
Do you want to be more self-sufficient but have given up hope of ever having your own backyard chickens due to limited space ?
Don't want to worry about salmonella ?

Then building this coop and raising your own backyard chickens is the answer to your dreams !

PDF Plans include:
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions including full color progress photographs
  • Complete Illustrated Cutting Diagrams
  • Materials List/Cost Estimate

Plus you will get the four following information sheets totally FREE !
  • Handy list of Healthy and Tasty (mostly household leftovers !) Treats that your chickens will enjoy
  • How to assemble a Chicken First Aid Kit
  • How to Recycle Egg Shells to help with chickens' calcium requirements
  • How to Maintain your Coop so it will last you for years

This 4'x6' coop is an attractive, low cost, easy to build backyard chicken coop. It is the perfect choice for those with limited space and a desire to keep up to twelve chickens - which should provide more than enough eggs for you...and all your neighbors !

You will receive the plans emailed to you within 24 hours of payment.
The solid, raised construction, numerous wire-mesh vents  and compact size make this coop a comfortable, safe home for your chickens - winter and summer/rain or shine.
Cleanup is easily accomplished from outside - no crawling inside the coop - using the hinged roof access. Three exterior nesting boxes also with a hinged roof make gathering eggs easy.

Using just basic tools - circular saw, jigsaw, hammer, electric drill/screwdriver, etc. you can easily build this coop over the course of a weekend.

Original plans, designed by me in the spring of 2009.  Perfect for your small backyard flock.  Start getting your own farm fresh eggs every day !